About Us

Linchpin Environmental provides community engagement, environmental approvals and sustainability services to both Government and private sector organisations.  We work with clients in high performance teams to manage risk, meet tight timelines and get better outcomes when environmental and community issues are central to a project’s success.


We add value at all stages of infrastructure and other major projects, including:

Project Development

We work with our clients to fully identify risks and understand potential community, environment and sustainability issues. We identify priorities, stakeholders, opportunities and constraints, and work with our clients to confirm options for their projects. Our work contributes to defining the scope of a project and identifying the best solutions to complex challenges.

Project Assessment

We communicate the benefits of each project, and consult with key community and regulator stakeholders. We ensure that environmental assessments are well scoped, and that environmental and community issues are addressed to meet or exceed stakeholder expectations, and to secure project approval.


Project Delivery

We work with our clients to avoid, minimise or mitigate environment and community impacts during construction. We ensure that stakeholders are kept informed throughout the project delivery phase. This ensures that environment and community conditions of approval are met, and that complaints and delays are minimised.

Project Operation

We engage with community and regulator stakeholders during project operation, and provide monitoring and compliance services. This can help maintain positive working relationships with stakeholders and regulators, and ensure any legal requirements continue to be met.


Linchpin Environmental is fully prequalified for provision of services to the NSW Government under the scheme administered by the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.  

Our Director is a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) and a Fellow member of EIANZ.