Facilitation of community reference group meetings.

Client: SITA (now Suez Recycling & Recovery Australia)

Suez provides solutions that maintain, optimise and secure the resources essential for our future.  A part of Suez’s commitment to ongoing community and stakeholder engagement, Suez operates several community reference groups across Australia.

Linchpin Environmental provided a facilitator and note taker during quarterly community reference group meetings for SITA’s facilities at both Lucas Heights and Spring Farm from 2012 to 2014. 


“Linchpin provided a facilitator and note taker for two of our Community Reference Group meetings, and we were always glad that we had Faye and Sandra on board. Meetings were always kept in order and to time, with accurate and complete notes provided promptly after meetings. I received a lot of positive feedback about Faye in that she was able to make sure all present had a chance to speak and properly be heard, and that as a result our meetings were always productive and worthwhile for everyone involved. If we need a facilitator for these types of meetings again in the future, I will definitely be asking Linchpin first.”

Gareth Jones
NSW Stakeholder Engagement Manager
SUEZ Recycling & Recovery Australia