Our Principals

Fiona Gainsford

Environment Lead

BSc (Hons), FEIANZ, CEnvP-IA

Fiona is an environmental impact assessment specialist with over 20 years' experience.  Her experience includes water and wastewater, heavy industry, facilities planning, ports and maritime, transport and telecommunications projects.

Fiona has worked on over 200 environmental studies during the planning of infrastructure projects, from tender stage to public exhibition.  Fiona has particular strengths in project management, engagement with government agencies and jumping across silos to problem-solve and train junior staff.

Fiona is a Certified Environmental Practitioner - Impact Assessment specialist (CEnvP-IA) and a Fellow of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand. She was President of the NSW Division Committee from 2014 to 2016 Chair of the Institute's Advisory Council. Fiona has been a member of the NSW Division Committee since 2008 and has led numerous professional development events on topics including changes to environmental planning legislation, expert witness courses and environmental ethics.

In 2017 Fiona was approved for appointment as an independent expert to an Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel under the relevant provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979. Councils are now able to select Fiona for appointment to their panels






Faye Woodward

Community engagement LEAD

BSc (Hons), MEIANZ, CEnvP

Faye is a community engagement specialist with 18 years’ experience working on major infrastructure projects.   Her experience includes transport, energy, water supply, waste management and property development projects.

Faye ensures effective communication between project teams and their stakeholders during the planning and delivery of major infrastructure projects.  She facilitates client and community outcomes that reflect her passion for people and places.  She appreciates the value, knowledge and support that projects can gain from engaging with local communities.

Faye is a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) and a full member of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand.  She was a member of the NSW Division Committee for 13 years and represented NSW on the Institute’s Council from 2009 to 2013.  Faye also chaired the organising committee for EIANZ’s 2012 conference.  Faye was awarded the Mary Lou Morris Award in 2012 for outstanding service to EIANZ at a Divisional level.

Faye is a specialist in property acquisition communication and has been the initial point of contact with directly affected property and business owners during hundreds of acquisitions.  She has provided input to defining the role of 'Personal Manager, Acquisitions' following recent reforms to the Government's property acquisition process.