Randwick Campus Redevelopment

CLIENT: elton consulting / nsw health infrastructure

The NSW Government is delivering a new Acute Services Building for Prince of Wales Hospital.  This redevelopment will improve patient outcomes by delivering efficiencies across the existing Randwick Hospitals’ Campus, improve ageing infrastructure and meet future growth in demand for health care services.  The project involved the compulsory acquisition of around 90 private properties.

Linchpin Environmental, as a sub-consultant to Elton Consulting, was engaged to provide property acquisition communication services from early 2017 to late 2018.  Faye Woodward and Beth Jenkinson were embedded in the project team as Personal Manager Acquisitions and Hannah Chilcott provided project support.

Services provided include: 

  • Implementing the recent NSW Government Reforms to the property acquisition process

  • Undertaking due diligence prior to the project announcement to ensure the project team had the best available information regarding affected owners and tenants

  • Door knocking prior to the announcement to inform affected owners and tenants of the acquisition

  • Preparing and distributing initial letters and supporting information to property owners and tenants

  • Responding promptly to phone and email enquiries from affected property owners and tenants, including out of normal working hours

  • Arranging meetings with property owners

  • Supporting residents throughout the acquisition process

  • Assisting residents with their relocation

  • Keeping accurate records of all interactions with property owners and tenants

  • Building positive working relationships with affected property owners and tenants.