What our clients say about us

Faye provided a very professional service and was an asset to ARTC’s efforts to improve relationships in the local community.
— Greg Mullens, Senior Project Manager, Australian Rail Track Corporation.
Faye is the ultimate people-person. She has a real talent for remaining calm and professional during tricky conversations with stakeholders.
— Anonymous.
Faye was an integral part of the Network Motorways communications team during a time when it was charged with designing and implementing an improved customer-focused approach to property acquisitions. Faye’s initiative and considered approach to problem solving shone through as she pioneered new ideas to improve the process for owners and tenants affected by acquisition. Faye also played a key leadership role, mentoring other staff members to help them deliver solutions to complex challenges in a high-pressured and highly emotive environment.
— Lisa Chikarovski, A/PMA Practice Manager - Transport for NSW
Faye is an experienced practitioner who is able to lead the planning and delivery of productive community engagement activities. She builds and maintains positive working relationships both with her colleagues across integrated project teams and with project stakeholders.  She remains calm and professional during difficult conversations, including discussions regarding property acquisition, changes to local environments and impacts on local businesses.
— Edward Scully, Senior Project Development Manager, NSW Roads and Maritime Services.
Faye, it has been fantastic working with you and your great team - your advice and observations have been of great value.
— Brett Cox, Director, Elton Consulting.
I can vouch for Faye’s integrity, reliability, capability and professionalism in working as a key member of an integrated project team. Her dynamic performance in managing community relations and her input into the project decision-making process was valued by her colleagues.
— Rod Jewell, Assistant Project Director Mardi-Mangrove Link, Wyong Shire Council.
I received a lot of positive feedback about Faye in that she was able to make sure all present had a chance to speak and properly be heard, and that as a result our meetings were always productive and worthwhile for everyone involved. If we need a facilitator again in the future, I will definitely be asking Linchpin first.
— Gareth Jones, NSW Stakeholder Engagement Manager, SUEZ Recycling & Recovery Australia.
Faye, I would like to take this opportunity to commend you for the high standard of assistance throughout this matter. Your commitment to meet the needs of the dispossessed owner and myself as their valuer exceeded all expectations in both professionalism and empathy. In my decades of acquisition matters from a variety of authorities, I found the support you provided to be of the highest standard. Without doubt my dealings with you were some of the best I have experienced in either private or government spheres.
— Stephen Berry, Director, Professional Project Research
Faye, thank you for assisting us as much as you have during the acquisition process. You have been very approachable throughout the whole ordeal and the additional assistance that you have provided since we received our initial notice has been exemplary.
— Alex, property owner affected by acquisition for WestConnex, Rozelle