WestConnex Stage 2: 
New M5 and King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade 

Client: WestConnex Delivery Authority

WestConnex is the largest transport and urban renewal project in Australia.  Stage 2 of WestConnex includes the M5 - King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade and the New M5 – 9km twin tunnels linking Beverly Hills with a new motorway interchange at St Peters. 

Linchpin Environmental seconded Faye Woodward to the position of Community and Stakeholder Liaison Manager from July 2014 to August 2015.  Services provided include: 

  • Preparing community engagement plans 
  • Planning and delivering community information sessions following announcements of new information
  • Leading the EIS display for King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade
  • Training other team members, field staff, casual staff and sub-contractors prior to them interacting with the public
  • Arranging access to private property for field investigations 
  • Door-knocking to raise awareness of proposed construction sites and to notify of field investigations
  • Managing protest activity
  • Meeting with owners of directly affected properties and businesses to discuss the property acquisition process
  • Responding to community enquiries
  • Keeping records of all interactions with stakeholders
  • Production of community information materials
  • Assisting at media events.