Why choose us?



We have over 20 years’ experience of providing community engagement, environmental approvals and sustainability services to clients from all levels of government and across a range of private sector markets.  Our experience includes transport, energy, waste, community facilities, water infrastructure and property acquisition projects. 

We have been senior members of planning and delivery teams. We have a track record of success in adding value to projects through proactively managing stakeholder engagement to secure a social license to operate from communities, and project approvals from regulators.


We are good at what we do

Whether it is environmental assessments, sustainability or community engagement, we have the technical background and industry experience to deliver the services and value expected by clients.  

We are skilled at having difficult conversations with stakeholders in a tactful, informative and respectful way.  These discussions can involve property acquisition, impacts on businesses and changes to local environments.

We are able to integrate the interests and concerns of project stakeholders, including those of regulators and community, with environmental planning, assessment and approval needs.


Our Principals are respected professionals within the major projects sector in NSW. They have both held industry leadership roles, are active members of EIANZ and continue to contribute to industry best practice. Both Faye Woodward and Gary Foster have presented at numerous local and international professional development events.

Faye Woodward is also a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) and has received the Mary Lou Morris Award for outstanding service to EIANZ at a Divisional level.  

Linchpin has extensive professional networks across Australia. We build strategic relationships and connections with other providers of niche environmental services that further enhance our team’s capacity to deliver outstanding service to clients.

We are exceptional communicators

We facilitate exceptional communication between project teams and their stakeholders.  This involves ongoing dialogue to ensure people have the information they need to provide positive input, which leads to better outcomes for both our clients and their stakeholders. We appreciate the value, knowledge and support that projects can gain from effective engagement with communities and regulators.

We work well in integrated project teams.  We are personable and responsive, and working with us is productive and enjoyable.    

We receive positive feedback from our clients and project stakeholders about the way we communicate with them.



Both our Principals have Bachelor (Hons) degrees from the University of London, are committed to ongoing professional development and are active, Members of EIANZ.  This reflects Linchpin Environmental’s commitment to undertaking our work in line with our industry’s code of ethics and professional conduct.

Importantly for NSW Government clients, Linchpin Environmental is prequalified for provision of services to the NSW Government under the prequalification scheme administered by the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.  

We are committed team members

We understand that major projects require a major commitment from those on their teams. We are good team players, committed to meeting tight timelines and delivering quality service and project documentation. We are flexible in response to the needs of projects and clients, and enjoy working within high performance team environments.